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Transform Your Space with Stunning Art: Introducing our Exquisite "Golden Touch" belonging to our Luxurious Lips Art Collection!

Elevate modern homes with these massive, vibrant lips, featuring a captivating golden touch.

Perfect for interior designers seeking bold, eye-catching masterpieces to add a splash of color and sophistication to any space.

Embrace the beauty of contemporary art and let these extraordinary pieces make a statement in your clients' homes.

Unlock the power of artistry and bring an unforgettable ambiance to living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.

We are very proud of our "Golden Touch" - LuxuriousLips Art Collection!

International shipping included. Buy 3 and get FREE shipping.


Please contact us for any queries.


Golden Touch

  • Prints are available on matt photo paper and glossy photo paper with the highest quality. Printed in a print studio. Please state which one you would like when creating your order.

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