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Our Story

Here you will find unique, stunning and extraordinary art that will make you and your space feel incredible!

Our artists are talented people who love their craft, and are from all over the world. You will for example, find amazing photos from women photographers capturing landscapes.

By investing in an unique piece of art from one of our professional artists you also invest in them, and enable them to continue to pursue and live from their passion.


85% of the sales goes directly to our artists. The remaining 15% is used for acquisition of new artists, administration and to market our artists' work, enabling even more people to detect this hidden treasure of not yet highly exposed artists.

We care about our planet and are passionate about sustainability. It's in the heart of every decision that we make, making sure that the carbon footprint of the photo that will hang on your wall is as low as possible.



Our vision is to build and nurture the creative talent across the globe.  We want to help creativity flourish, it's great for everyone!

Art goes beyond boundaries and breaks barriers. As art is diverse, so too are our professional artists.


It is integral to us to keep our planet as clean as possible, and as we stated it is in our DNA. Here are the things we are doing to keep our footprint as low as possible:

  • Remember art will stay on your walls for years.

  • Some artists are providing digital prints, of which the cost is approximately 50g CO2*. This not only keeps the emissions low, but if you frame it, you could use local printing services, whereby helping your local community.

  • You can collect the art from local artists.

  • The artists print on sustainable material and use sustainable frames (where sold).

  • Some artists have gone as far as finding printing suppliers across the globe, thereby reducing the delivery footprint as far as possible.


We're not perfect, but we are constantly trying to better ourselves.


* Source:

Forest Light
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