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PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2020, Honorable Mention Winner.
International Photography Awards 2020, Fine Art, Deeper Perspective, Honorable Mention Winner.
International Photography Awards 2020, Fine Art, Other (series), Honorable Mention Winner.
Moscow International Foto Awards, Fine Art – Portrait 2020, Silver Awarded Winner.
International Photography Awards 2020, Fine Art, Other, Honorable Mention Winner.
Fine Art Photography Awards2019/2020, Fine Art, Nominee.


“Hope” (Esperanza) begins in my imagination and is born of the vulnerability of beings to different adversities. It is a personal awareness where consciousness is its very essence. It represents a world for all beings - full of difficulties and struggles. It manages to redefine, reinvent, and overcome. In my heart, the different shades personify Mother Earth, the animals, the sea, the trees, and human beings, regardless of their age or gender. Why do I represent all of them with a woman? All these images are self-portraits, and I want to make my body move as my mind imagines the subject. “Art helps us to personify what we envision, grasp the imaginary, and transmit our thoughts.”As Hugo Von Hofmannsthal said, “Only artists and children see life as it is.”

Limited edition fine art prints for collectors and galleries.

Print on velvet fine art paper, all limited-edition prints are signed and numbered by hand by Gabriela.

Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Dimensions represent full image.


Prints are shipped unframed.


The artist reserves the right to produce up to two Artist Proofs for each artwork in addition to the edition sizes listed.


Free shipping worldwide and cotton gloves inlcuded.


  • This print is a limited edition.

    10"x 10" - Limited edition of 15

    20"x20" - Limited edition of 10

    40"x40"- Limited edition of 5

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