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I want to share with you a story about a woman I met a few months ago.  She has cancer with a bad prognosis.  She has two small children, and she is in and out of the hospital.  I started to help her in different ways and this experience has made me realize how fragile we are.


When I started to think about her situation, I realized that the only thing she really needs is freedom. She needs to be cancer-free, and she deserves a beautiful life with her children - this would be fair for her and for her family.


I pray for her health and for her happiness.  I decided to create this image based on my hope for her freedom.  I want to see her running happy and free with long hair and with strong legs. I picture her looking at the sky, at the trees, and feeling the wind in her face.  I want all these things for her, but I know that her freedom might be different, and she will be running and laughing in the sky.  Which scenario is better?  I do not know - no one knows.


This is my representation of freedom in this moment in my life.  I hate this terrible disease because it takes beautiful moments of life away from us.  If you know someone with cancer or other diseases, I hope my image can give you a little peace.


Limited edition fine art prints for collectors and galleries.

Print on velvet fine art paper, all limited-edition prints are signed and numbered by hand by Gabriela.

Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Dimensions represent full image.


Prints are shipped unframed.


The artist reserves the right to produce up to two Artist Proofs for each artwork in addition to the edition sizes listed.


Free shipping worldwide and cotton gloves inlcuded.


  • This print is a limited edition.

    10"x 10" - Limited edition of 15

    20"x20" - Limited edition of 10

    40"x40"- Limited edition of 5

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