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This work, “Mourning for Women” (Llorando por Ellas), is about a sensitive topic. In the last months, we have been listening to the terrible murders of women. As humanity cries for them and personally, every time I hear it, my heart breaks thinking about the last moments these women lived.

In this image, the protagonist represents us crying for the women abused and killed by monsters that destroy our faith in humanity. I do not need to explain the other symbols I included - they speak for themselves.

What is your opinion? As an artist, the most important thing is to transmit the message in the right way. Share this image if you think it will help to create awareness.

I raise my voice and ask for justice.


Limited-edition fine art prints for collectors and galleries.

Printed on Velvet Fine Art paper, all limited-edition prints are signed and numbered by hand by Gabriela.

Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions represent full image (every piece has a 1″ or 2″ white paper border).


Prints are shipped unframed.


The artist reserves the right to produce up to two Artist Proofs for each artwork in addition to the edition sizes listed.

Cotton gloves and free shipping worldwide included.

Llorando por Ellas

  • This print is a limited edition.

    10"x 10" - Limited edition of 15

    20"x20" - Limited edition of 10

    40"x40"- Limited edition of 5

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