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Introducing "Summer Love," an attractive painting that captures the essence of warmth, joy, and connection. The vibrant colors of pink, dark blue hues, green hues, yellow, and white come together to evoke a sense of passion and harmony.

The calming blue symbolizes the tranquility of the sky and water, while white represents purity and higher consciousness. Yellow embodies the radiant sun and happiness, while green signifies the abundance of new experiences and the harmony of falling in love.

At a deeper level, "Summer Love" portrays the connection between two souls illuminated by sunlight, creating a bond of peaceful love. This resonates with viewers on an emotional level, tapping into their desire for connection and joy.


Experience the warmth and beauty of "Summer Love" on our webpage, where you can bring this enchanting artwork into your space and infuse it with the essence of summer romance. Allow its vibrant colors and profound message to uplift your spirits and bring a touch of love into your life. Purchase now and make this exquisite painting a cherished addition to your collection.



Material: Acrylic

Size: 100cm × 100cm

Original signed painting.

No frame included

Summer Love

  • The painting size is 100cmx100cm and it is produced on a canvas.

    The canvas is sustainable, as well as the paints used. No toxic products are used.

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