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I love Autumn, actually is my favorite season.  I love it for its colours, for its cold wind but also for its meaning and this is what I want to share with you.  Autumn means the abundance of the earth because it is the season of planting and harvesting.  I think in this powerful meaning in a personal way, I want to live always planting and harvesting in a spiritual, emotional and intellectual way.  I want to feel that peace as if I am a autumn leaf flying in the sky and dreaming with all the good experiences I had in my life and all the unknown experiences I will live during my terrenal life and then in my eternal journey.


Dream and fly during your journey!


Limited edition fine art prints for collectors and galleries.

Print on velvet fine art paper, all limited-edition prints are signed and numbered by hand by Gabriela.

Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


Dimensions represent full image.


Prints are shipped unframed.


The artist reserves the right to produce up to two Artist Proofs for each artwork in addition to the edition sizes listed.


Free shipping worldwide and cotton gloves inlcuded.

When the Autumn Comes

  • This print is a limited edition.

    10"x 10" - Limited edition of 15

    20"x20" - Limited edition of 10

    40"x40"- Limited edition of 5

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