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If you love getting out and about in nature, and want to learn how to capture beautiful wildlife photos then this is the photography workshop for you!


During this Richmond Park wildlife photography workshop, you will learn how to capture exciting, creative wildlife images through ‘in the field’ tutorials in front of the majestic Red and Fallow deer that occupy the Royal Park. There are countless beautiful backdrops, including Silver Birch Tree copses, lone Oak Trees, ferns and lakes, ensuring you will come away with beautiful images to be proud of.


At the same time as learning the technical side of photography, we will talk a lot about the thought process of creating photos, not just taking them. I will offer tips on composition, guide your photographic eye and help you develop a proactive photography mindset, ensuring you can apply your new found skills to any given situation when photographing in the future.


Itinerary: No two photography workshops are exactly the same, as it's impossible to know where the deer might be on any one day and where will be best given the lighting conditions. In general, this wildlife photography workshop will run as follows:


Meet: Richmond Park Gates. I will offer a brief overview of the session, before setting straight out to explore Richmond Park in search of wildlife.


Wildlife photography: If required, I will initially discuss camera settings, ensuring you are completely confident with your camera and set up correctly ready to capture that amazing moment. While the 600 Red Deer and Fallow Deer might be considered the main event, Richmond Park also offers the opportunity to photograph plenty of other wildlife too. We will keep our eyes peeled for playful squirrels, bright green Ring-necked Parakeets, Kestrels, swans and abundance of other bird life around Pen ponds. This workshop is always timed with sunrise or sunset, giving the best chance of beautiful golden hour sunlight!


Subjects Covered:

  • Tips and tricks for creative composition
  • The importance of backgrounds in wildlife photography
  • Making the most of the available light
  • Focusing modes for pin sharp wildlife images
  • Histogram and the importance of exposing to the right
  • How to photograph wildlife respectfully
  • Story-telling and the art of photographing a single scene in many different ways

Wildlife Photography Workshop in Richmond Park, London

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  • Matthew is a London-based photographer and filmmaker, specialising in the travel and leisure industry. His personal work has received recognition in Travel Photographer of the Year and Wildlife Photographer of the Year on numerous occasions. Commercial clients include the likes of Talisker Whisky, Visit Wales, Stena Line and Nikon. When he isn’t photographing, he is teaching others to do so, running photography workshops and holidays, and giving talks to photography societies, schools and at travel shows.

    Matthew’s images regularly appear in international publications such as National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Conde Nast and Lonely Planet. His collection of travel, wildlife, landscape and documentary photography comprises over 25,000 images from 50 countries and covers a diverse range of subjects; from portraits of remote tribes in Myanmar to skiing adventures in Scotland, and remote landscapes in the Atacama Desert to lions hunting in Kenya.

  • For beginners to advanced, meet at Richmond Park, London, 3 hours, price is per person & upto 8 people.

    You will receive an email with the course information & instructions on how to book.

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